Sometimes in life we get caught up in our own shit.

What I mean by that is while being "busy" or "grinding" is extremely important, quality of work/life should always come first.

Side hustling is a skill - and I think a necessary one in 2020 and beyond.

In our parent's time it was not only doable, but in some cases quite comfortable to have a one income household, own your own home and even knock out family holidays.

You could go on family holidays, live in a decent neighborhood, have the dog, weekend sport, and a solid work/life balance. 

The 40 hour working week was normal.

But the reality for many of us now, is that just doesn't cut it. 


The cost of living has gone up while wages and salaries have been screwed down.

Wealth nowadays comes from generating MULTIPLE streams of revenue: I.E, side hustling. 

How to do it efficiently however, is key

My 9-5 job takes a up a lot of time and energy.

YKTR Sports takes a up a lot of time. Vintage Kit, of course, takes up a lot of time.

And somewhere in-and-amongst that I want to watch footy, spend time with the Mrs and listen to my mates tell lies over a few beers.

The later there is just as important as the former.

And it's probably something I have only come to truly appreciate and understand in the last few weeks.

I know family and friends are important, I'm not saying that was some great revelation.

But previously any time not working felt like a loss to me.

Like If I wasn't working I was somehow falling behind.

So understanding now that when I take time to enjoy other elements of my life outside of "the grind" that the work quality actually improves, has been eye opening.

Basically my work load has shifted from pretty much 8am - 1-2am every day to 9am - 10pm most days, with Sundays to kick back.

The result? a clearer mind and better results in all areas - and I can actually fucking sleep.

The work is better, the less time I spend doing it. Quality > quantity. 

In short, side hustling is important, but don't let it consume you.

Work smarter, not harder - out of that you will achieve more.

This is a new thing.

We can't ask our parents for help for the most part because they didn't do it, they never could/had to. But we do.

I always say anyone can, and should be side-hustling. Just be smart about it. 

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