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People love Harley Davidson tees.

And that's sweet, but they're just not my vibe.

Vintage is such a deep well of possibilities and nostalgia, so why tie yourself to a washed-out black motorcycle tee with some flames across it that everyone else is rocking? 

Mix it up man.

Here's four styles I'm chasing right now!

 US nostalgia on white

This is a real vibe if you can get your hands on the right piece.

The goal is something big, white, with minimal print on the front and a heavier graphic on the back.

Any sort of USA nostalgia looks dope if the fit's right to be honest.

Military, fast food, movie production companies - anything!

Tees with the red white and blue flag still pop too.

This style of tee is fun because you're unlikely to come across anyone else wearing something similar - ever.

Ice has his hands on a dope In-N-Out Burger shirt right now that is exactly the vibe we're all chasing.

Rare as fuck.

NFL graphic tees

Anything pre 1995, Nutmeg tags, bangs man.

There was something about printing sports tees in that '90-95 era where they just got it right.

And these days NFL helmet graphics still go hard. 

Black, big print, slightly cracked or faded out with that nice thick collar. Done.

Miami, Washington, Bills, Rams and Giants are a few personal favorites. 



So much variety and different styles makes NASCAR tee hunting so fun.

Not only does each racer have their own line of merch - Dale Earnhardt Jr a go-to - but each event pretty much has its' own nostalgic heat too.

NASCAR tees are usually heavy graphics on the front and have that dope rainbow logo on the sleeve. 

They fit lighter, good for summer and the colors particularly on white pop. 

Dope long sleeves too. 

'90's NBA


Anyone who follows the YKTR journey knows basketball has become as big a part of the story as footy - so naturally the fashion will reflect that.

Throwback '90's basketball tees with that heavy graphic across the front hit different.

Basketball gear traditionally has the bigger fit to it that you want in a vintage tee too, longer sleeves etc.

Bulls gear kind of been there, done that. Chase other teams/players.

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