This has been one of the strangest times in history to not only be in business, but just be alive.

If I had told you a year a go, this would be our new normal? you would've blocked me. 

But it's real, and impacting so many in all walks of business

I know I'm lucky. I still have a job.

This virus has put so many out of work and I'm thankful for my situation everyday - but it does have its' challenges too.

I don't bulk buy from Asia or the UK like some vintage resellers - and by the way I have nothing against that model.

If you're trying to make money, that's the route.

No I hand pick gear in smaller bundles of 10-70 at a time, all from the states.

These then have to be sent all the way to Auckland.

And covid-19 caused something called a Force Majeure.

Now that's a common clause in contracts that essentially frees parties from liability or obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond their control occurs.

In short; pandemic = major shipping delays.

Now my business relies on monthly drops of fresh kit.That's the whole business model. The bottom of the funnel.

I sell clothes. So no clothes, no coin.

But it didn't mean no content.

What having no gear (and no real idea of when it would be arriving) forced me to do was focus more on the top of my funnel - and in many ways allow the business to level-up without actually selling anything.

At the top of the Vintage Kit funnel is; content, value, storytelling, nostalgia and aesthetic. 

What you hear, feel, see and learn. That's where my focus went and from now on, will remain.

The clothes are finally here (well almost, in Auckland) and I'm ready to come out of this corona-shit swinging.

Better content, better story telling, more hype and a more naturally me aesthetic.

Four-five weeks a go I was freaking out a bit.

Wondering, like many, how my business would navigate this period. 

But it's been full of nothing but learnings to be honest.

I've had to get more creative. Explore different supply routes and ways to get my gear into the hands of you guys, the end consumer, faster.

I've invested in vlog gear and cultivated new relationships with vintage savy people the world over.

Flipped the marketing strategy somewhat to allow for future delays. Oh, and began laying some ground work to start a podcast.

This next drop (June 1, sshhh) will show all of exactly what lockdown has taught me.

Fucking fizzing to be honest. 

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