It's 2020, everyone is side hustling.

Gone are the days where a steady 9-5 is enough. We want more.

More cash, more time, but most importantly we want more of an opportunity to express ourselves and pursue a passion.

Side hustling can give you all of that and more

Why I started

I love my job.

I work full-time as a sports reporter and it's unreal.

But I saw a ceiling on my potential earnings in the role and I wasn't pumped about what I saw.

Fashion and sports have always been my two passions.

So I figured if I can turn one into a career, why not the other.

Vintage Kit became my vehicle to do just that.

How you can start yours

First, stop lying about not having time.

If you have a young family, someone you take care of or something like that, that's different.

But people in their 20's and 30's without kids who say "I work all day so there's no time" are lying.

You finish work around 5 - maybe 6pm each day.

You might workout, eat dinner. And then what?

Most people spend 7-8 hours every evening doing fuck all.

That's an additional days work you could be putting into starting your own side hustle.

I'm not pretending like I don't have a life, but I try to lock in for at least three hours a day to get work done.

So, that's the time excuse taken care of. You have it.

The next one is "I have no idea what I would even do". And that's actually a fair excuse.

Vintage came to me as a sort of light bulb moment, if you've followed the journey you know the story.

But anyone can side hustle and it starts by doing one of two things.

One, identify what you are truly passionate about.

This could be anything! (for me it was sports and fashion).

It could be baking, working out, Fortnite, surfing - whatever.

Step two, once you have locked in on that research that industry.

What do you as a consumer want more of/better of.

Let's say all you want to do all day is skate.

Now bare with me here because I'm not a skater but this is just off the top of my head.

Side hustle ideas for skaters;

- Bespoke grip tape. One of a kind designs, team up with an artist and do iconic graphics (Kobe, Ali etc) detailed onto grip tape. Design each roll to the customers specs, document the process. 

- Create a insta page for up and coming skaters. Offer to shoot them riding, tell their stories, document their journeys. Become the go-to page for underground skate culture (builds off into merch, ad revenue, sponsorship etc).

- App. If you're tech savy, design an app that highlights the best skate spots around your area/city/eventually, country. Give each spot a star rating, leave a notice board for comments/images at each spot (this likely already exists but you get the point).

There's opportunity in everything and with the evolution of social media anyone can start a side hustle tomorrow.

That little device that sits in your pocket is literally the most powerful tool any entrepreneur you look up to started with and still uses. 


Side hustling has given me the freedom to explore something I genuinely am passionate about and I'm quickly finding the knock-on effect is I end up doing better and working harder in my 9-5 as well.

Having something that inspires you away from work gives you even more energy to make the most out of each day.

And dream scenario? 

- The 9-5 fuels your side hustle, financially, to start.

- The side hustle then fuels your investments (property, or whatever).

- Your investments replace the side hustle.

- And finally the side hustle replaces the 9-5.


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  • Jadiael

    Fuck brother, that’s the shit that’s been going around in my head. Then I’ve come across your page and website. Shot some ideas with the misso and she said this phrase, “for as long as I’ve known you, you love fashion…why not have a crack at something you love that’s outside of your job?” Then I started watching your stories and I’ve started the process. I watch your shit so I can learn etc. Much love brother.

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