I've received a few messages lately about "copy-cat" pages, and thought it'd be worth addressing.

people are sending me screenshots of other start-up pages with a similar look, feel and even name as mine.

Firstly, I don't give a fuck - In fact quite the opposite.

Feeling like I could be potentially inspiring people to have a crack at starting something on there own that I have got so much joy out of is an unreal feeling.

I wasn't the first vintage business and I won't be the last.

I took my inspiration from people like Ice, and even parts of what I do to this day from The Social Vintage.

The important thing, though, is to put your own spin on shit.

Some are and are doing it fucking well too.

But some people might be missing the trick with it.

It's all copy-paste. 

The model I roll with is being done by all the big brands/entrepreneurs you follow or support.

Content is king.

And in vintage on top of that, you have to have a sick product.

Vintage Kit is a work in progress on both counts.

I can still provide more quality and quantity when it comes to content - more value.

And I will.

In terms of product I love the direction we're heading but it can always be better.

And it will.

I've probably had 40-50 people reach out in the past few months and say they want to start vintage clothing businesses similar to my humble operation.

My reply is and always will be the same: "Hectic! go hard, It's worth it"

I then link all my blog posts which explain my process for reference.

Why do I do that?

Because the more vintage around the better.

I want people to feel the way I feel when I rock a sick new tee or jumper. And I don't care whether it's from me or someone else.

The more fish in the bowl the better it is for the vintage game overall.

And it pushes me to be better in the most important part of my business: content.

If I was the only bloke selling it would be a cake walk creating content. But I'm not.

The more "copy-cat" pages there are the more competition there is in that space too.

And that's what will ultimately push this thing to wherever it can get too!

From here it's all just a game of content.

Game on.


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  • Merehira Tupaea

    You’re the man bro! Just like Ice, I also take my inspiration from you and what you do. I admire that you don’t limit your wealth of knowledge and operate in the opposite mindset of sharing what you have learned within your journey. Its admirable bro! I reached out to Ice about a year ago and I was astounded that he hit back with a lengthy, genuine novel of hope and hard work! You also, are so transparent with all that you do and I love watching you evolve. I’m working on my own shit at the moment and I want to thank you for giving me that push. I know I owe it to myself firstly, but the inspiration and encouragement from you is a real thing. So thank you bro! When I officially launch my own thing, I’d love some feedback and tips. Slowly but surely, I’m grinding too :)

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