What an experience man.

Covid fucked a lot for a lot of businesses, and I learnt quickly just how disruptive it can be when manufacturing and buying off-shore.

I've always loved vintage (shock) and reselling pre-loved gems is what I love to do.

But there was always this itch that needed to be scratched.

I wanted to run my own little line of basics, quality, oversized basics - so last year I decided to give it a nudge.

I landed on Rue Porter, a company based out of Portugal for my blocks.

You pay a bit more than say manufacturing out of China, but mad fit, dope colourways and the option to run em as a set (tee and shorts).

After a few samples I pushed the pre-sale live in December.

The reason being was I really had no idea how many would sell. I had never done my own gear before.

What a pre-sale does is eliminates the risk of having excess stock sitting around, or worse selling out.

Long story short, the kit flew. And I was pumped.

I get way more of a buzz out of the idea that people fuck with the same stuff I like and want to support the journey, more so than sale numbers.

But at the end of the day sales are dope too - so I was fizzing.

The presale ran for two weeks before I shut it down and placed my order with the supplier.

The chain would be: straight from Portugal to me (takes about 2-3 weeks), I quality check em, then offload to screen printer/embroidery here in AKL (2-3 days) then post out to you guys so everyone can rock em in February at the latest.

That was the plan...

But February rolled around and Covid-delays out of Portugal meant I hadn't even got my hands on the kit yet.

I was angry. Not their fault I know, but angry that I hadn't really accounted for it.

Then, four weeks behind schedule, I get an email saying half of the gear (S-M cream Shorts, L jumpers and XL Black Tees) were not available for a further four weeks, and have to be back ordered.

It's a yuck feeling.

Most people are happy to wait, but I put a lot of pressure on myself with this business to deliver on shit I promise and this has been a slog.

Knowing you're letting people down sucks, but I have truly been blown away by the support from everyone who copped.

The bottom line is, the kit is coming.

I would use Rue Porter again, yes.

But I wouldn't fuck with a presale - just back the estimates and create a limited edition line.

I'm always fucking up, and I'm always learning.

And the OG Kit 2.0 will be a better product, a better system, and have a better story behind it because of this experience.

Grind time baby.

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  • Pippa Burgess-Smith

    Hey! I love your story and I’m interested to see your products. Do you have an Instagram or website I can find?

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