I've always had two passions in life: sports and fashion.

The story behind Vintage Kit pretty much just comes from that.

In 2019 I was lucky enough to be working my dream job - and still am.

Rugby League Reporter. That's the 9-5 for me and I love it.

But I saw a ceiling on the potential earnings a job like mine has.

It's still a good career, but I wasn't ready to settle.

A side hustle had always been something that interested me.

The idea of making money while I slept, A, but B I loved the idea of having my own thing - not working for someone else.

Vintage shopping was something I was already doing by myself.

I'd by tees from the US, ship them to Auckland, rock them for a while then sell them to whoever wanted them.

To simply save on shipping, I started buying more at a time (10-15). 

Then I needed somewhere to display and sell them on that wasn't just a personal Facebook account.

So I set up @_vintage_kit on insta and sold through DM's.

Mates copped them at first. Then mates of mates. Then guys who worked with a mate of a mate.

Without even realizing it, I now had a side hustle. 



A month later I registered the company. A month after that (on advice from a mentor) I launched this website.

A year on now and this side hustle has become my number one passion.

I still love my job (when covid-19 doesn't stop the sports world in its tracks), but there's something different about building something yourself and watching it grow.

I saw a ceiling on my career, so I pivoted. 

Side hustling is something anyone can do. You don't need the flash business degree.

I learnt by doing (and failing a few times). 

The next steps in this journey is more kit more often, and a pop-up shop before the year is out.

Vlogging, blogging and and when the travel ban is lifted, a buying trip to go see the boys in the US.

This is the story so far: how I combined two passions to create one that I wake up everyday excited to rip into.

Pumped to keep documenting the journey and write the next few chapters.


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